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Get Sauced, Send It!

Hey everyone, Sean here!

First before we get into things I just want to take a quick moment to appreciate all of you that have supported us.

These last few weeks as we went to market as a business from a hobby have been pretty wild! From the new website going live and RADberry going on sale, to expanding our production to a commercial kitchen and getting used to using an entirely new system to process orders. It's been pretty wild as I'm sure you can imagine. But through it all you guys have been absolutely incredible! I can't tell you how much we have all truly appreciated how enthusiastically supportive you all have been. And of course we appreciate you buying the shit out of our hot sauce. Seriously, you dudes have kept me crazy busy making sauce and getting orders out, it's been awesome!

It truly means a lot to me and everyone else at Brotaco and we want to make sure you know how much it means to us. So, we're going to do something to celebrate that! (We'll get into that in a little bit)

But let's talk about this phrase we've been throwing around lately, "Get Sauced, Send It."


WTF does that even mean, "Get Sauced, Send It?"

Well as we have changed from hobby to company we have been looking over everything Brotaco stands for or represents. When I started this little side hobby during the pandemic shut down it was a way for me to stay creative and connected to those that loved action sports, and good food. To me they just go together because after a long day of doing some awesome shit you want to eat some equally awesome food with your friends and relax.

So for me personally it was always more than just recipes I came up with and slapped on a blog, or hot sauce that I made. It was about having some damn good times with your friends. Whether it was at motocross races, skating around town, or out on the water it was always at its core about making awesome memories doing the things you loved. So when we say "Get Sauced, Send it" that's exactly what we're talking about. Making some bomb ass food for the homies, grillin and chillin and slathering your favorite Brotaco hot sauce on there before getting absolutely silly with your crew.

You don't have to full send, but you should at least be putting it out there and having a good time because that's what its all about. Having good times with great people and celebrating good vibes.

Now let's get back to how we are celebrating all of you guys...


This labor day weekend we are throwing a party to celebrate the launch of our company, but more importantly to have an absolute BANGER to celebrate all of you guys supporting the hell out of us. So, here's the deal!

We decided to throw a floaty party and we're calling it...

Yes, that's right we are going to have a floaty party!

(location to be announced in a private VIP email) for all of our supporters to come out and have a damn good time on the water. There's going to be food, giveaways and shenanigans. Rumor is there's even going to be a floaty beer pong tournament where the winners can win free hot sauce and other swag.

To get an invite you have to purchase the Get Sauced Trio pack to receive your private email invite. This way we know how many people are coming and you also get a commemorative T-shirt!


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