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Updated: Jul 31, 2021

You guys have been asking us for awhile when we were going to drop some merch, that time is now!



These items are made and delivered by the awesome people over at

Brem Built is a project from the creative minds of Fingers Duke Design Studio to support businesses during the Rona-demic by selling shirts and other apparel. It’s their rad way of giving back when the community needed it most.

Here’s how it works;

$10 of each sale will go to us, Brotaco Foods, and the rest goes towards production of the item which is printed by Fingers Duke. The PREORDER SALE is live until March 15th.

What does a PREORDER SALE mean?

It means that you buy now, but you won’t get your items until the sale ends on the 15th. So you gotta be a little patient because orders aren’t processed immediately and will ship about 2 weeks after the sale ends on March 15th.

Please keep in mind that your orders will be shipped AFTER the sale ends and that is when printing and fulfillment will take place the following two weeks. This ain’t Amazon now, we’re a small fish business, sure we’re making some medium-ish waves but things still take some time to get out to you.

Thank you for supporting us and helping us grow, it truly means a lot and we work hard to make only the top quality stuff for you. That is why we are so stoked to work with Brem Built and Fingers Duke, they just make cool shit!

Click here to PREORDER your shirts and hoodies!!!


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