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  • Sean Delaire

Putting the Power to the Ground

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

We are very excited to finally release something that has been months in the making, our newest sauce the BRAAP! hot sauce.


Made from the highest quality, and locally sourced honey we could find that gives it a rich sweetness which pairs with the smokey flavor of chipotle, and heat from the habanero peppers. Not only is this a delicious flavor combo that really brings the heat, it also marks a partnership between the fastest growing motocross and supercross podcast in the nation, The Power to the Ground podcast!

BRAAP!” hot sauce is made for the fans, racers, and champions that paved the way. Bringing the spirit of motocross to your palate we strived to create a sauce that will become a staple at the races. We made it for the kid’s watching their first race and the old timers racing like they are kids again. For the campouts, bbqs, kickbacks and grill outs with your family and friends. We hope this sauce will bring become together in the spirit of motocross!

Perfect for chicken wings, bbq, and tacos!


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Check out the Power to the Ground podcast for all your motocross and supercross media needs!

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