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Cyber Monday Sale!

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

30% off

on Cyber Monday 11/30

We can’t believe the support we’ve received this year from you all. It’s only been a few months since we started Brotaco and watching everyone get behind this crazy endeavor has been so cool!

We don’t do Black Friday so to say thank you this Holiday Season, we are doing a 30% off sale on Cyber Monday. We believe the day after Thanksgiving should be a day of quiet reflection, nursing hangovers, and digesting all that food you stuffed in your face. Then stuffing yourself full of more leftovers. So we will be doing a Cyber Monday sale instead!

Starting at Midnight Sunday night all items in our store will be 30% off!!

That’s right, 30% off!

No need for a discount code, all prices will be marked down for you already! So stock up on your favorite hot sauce and don’t forget to get a few for your friends and family as well!

Check our store at Midnight on Sunday to get the discounted sale prices!

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