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What Is Brotaco?

Updated: Mar 3

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Growing up my family was always racing. Whether it was BMX, Cycling, or Motocross my dad and uncles were always on two wheels trying to see who was the fastest on the track. Apparently that stuck with me because now that I am a “grown up” I am drawn to motorcycles of all types and styles.

Sure I like the newer bikes, but the classic and vintage style appeals to me so much more. I think it is more of the idea behind having, “No Frills, Only Thrills” behind it. What I mean by that is back then people didn’t have stereos on their damn motorcycles, or bluetooth and cup holders. It was just man, machine, and the adventure ahead of you. That is what I’m drawn to, that feeling of just pure Americana Adventurism that I long for. The type of experiences that pit you against yourself, the bike, and mother nature.

I have always loved the sense of adventure and romanticized idea of pushing yourself to the limit to accomplish a goal. Just you, your motorcycle and a few good buddies all seeing who is the best. But to me the best part of those moments, was when we met up afterwards to share some laughs, cold drinks, and eat some delicious food. My personal favorite of course, is the Taco. While living in Southern California I found the appreciation and love for what truly good f

ood can do. It is more than just a way to fill your gut and keep that hunger monster at bay. Food has a way to truly connect people and bring them together, especially after a long difficult day hiking a mountain or riding your motorcycles through the desert, There is no beating it and that what BroTaco is to me.

I have lived a life filled with some modest adventures so far, and the things I remember the most about them is when it was all said and done, you met up with your friends and told tall tales, laughing at the crashes you walked away from and the experiences that built you to the person you are today. BroTaco may be a blog where I share my passion for tacos and the golden age of motorcycles and adventurism, but to me it is much more than that. It is about bringing people together and creating lasting happy memories, because when we are finally laid in the dirt the only thing left of us is in the memories of those that we loved. So ride hard, adventure often, and share some tacos with your bros!

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